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If your questions are not answered below you can call us at (904) 429-5716 between 9 am and 5 pm EST Monday - Friday. You can also send us an email to and we should get back to you within 24 hours.

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While our retail and wholesale website listings are available to everyone, we do not have a brick-and-mortar shop open to the public. We do offer Free Local Pick-Up for pre-paid orders through our website.

We process orders Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM EST. Pick-up hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We are not open on weekends or some holidays.

If your questions are not answered below you can call us at (904) 429-5716 between 9 am and 5 pm EST Monday - Friday. You can also send us an email to and we should get back to you within 24 hours.

Shipping Information

Orders placed prior to 2 pm EST Monday through Friday will be shipped same day. All other orders will be shipped within 24 hours of receiving your paid order. We ship Monday through Friday except holidays. Standard Shipping is with U.S. Postal Service Ground Advantage and Priority Mail which generally takes 2-5 business days for delivery. Some bulk hard goods will be shipped with Fed Ex Ground and can take up to 5 business days to arrive.

We offer free USPS Standard Shipping for orders over $75. Orders under $75 ship for a flat Standard Shipping rate of $7.95.

We now offer 2-day private courier shipping for a $30 flat rate. This is for plant shipments only (no hard good materials: Wood, Cork, Terrariums, Ceramic, Terrarium fillers or holders). Our express service partners (Fed Ex and UPS) do not deliver or operate on Saturdays or Sundays therefore only orders placed Monday through Wednesday before 2 PM Eastern time will arrive in two days. USPS delivers mail on Saturdays (and occasionally Sundays). Keep this in mind when timing an order and considering the use of our express service. Orders will ship the same business day if possible and all products are in stock. If you wish for us to bill to your own UPS or FedEx account, please add the account information to your order note. If your shipment is very time sensitive, please call us after placing your order: 1-904-429-5716 or send us an email

Click Here for More Shipping Information.

Yes, we ship year-round. The plants are hardy and do well in shipment, even in the wintertime. Be sure to track your package via the tracking number provided in your shipping confirmation email. We find that the plant deliveries that die in the winter weather are mostly the boxes left outside after the postal worker drops the package off and no one retrieves it immediately. If you are concerned about daytime temperatures below freezing, and you are not home when mail is delivered, the best option is to have the plants shipped to where you are located during the day (your place of work or school). We also recommend our expedited shipping options for shipping to cold locations. However, plants received damaged are always covered by our 30 Day Guarantee.

Due to live plant restrictions, we only ship to the 50 United States and Puerto Rico.


Air Plant Shop accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Shop Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Meta Pay. We do not accept cash, personal checks, purchase orders, or other forms of post-payment with terms. 

Sales Tax

Orders shipped to addresses in Florida will include a 6.0% sales tax. All other orders ship Tax-Free. If you are a wholesale customer in Florida then please Create an Account and email your resale certificate to customer service.

30 Day Air Plant Guarantee

We guarantee our air plants for thirty days. If you are not completely happy with the health and vitality of your air plant order you have thirty days to inform us by email at and we will replace your air plants for free including shipping! For more information, click HERE.

Sometimes plants will look a little tired after a few days in a dark box. That is to be expected. They should perk up within a week at the most. Compare your plants to the one on our website to see what a healthy plant should look like. If they have not perked up in that time let us know immediately that you have a sickly plant. Some species will naturally have brown bases or some bent or broken tips. Contact customer service at to see what is considered normal for your species. Our 30 day warranty will cover plants that are lost during the first 30 days only.

What to Expect When You Order

If your plants die or dry out during shipping please contact us immediately. If you are concerned about a plant that looks sick go ahead and give it a good 3 hour soak. If it doesn’t perk up take a picture and email it to us so we can help. Our email is Sometimes we will ask you to watch them for a few more days just in case they are still recovering from shipping. If you are ordering for an event or for resale, ordering a couple weeks in advance can allow your plants a little time to recuperate. Note that we will only pay the shipping once for warranty plants on a given order. After that we are happy to include them in your next order or arrange a shipping charge.

30 Day Quality & Replacement Guarantee

Returns and Exchanges

If you would like to make an exchange, we suggest that you place a new order for the plants you would like before returning the original purchase. This will ensure that your exchange plants are in stock. We do not pay for return shipping and the plants must be viable upon arrival. Once we receive your return, we will process a refund for the returned order and send you a notification email.

Please email customer service with a picture of your plants if you are unhappy with their condition. We offer a 30-Day One-Time Replacement Guarantee with each purchase and will send replacement plants to you, with no return necessary.

We will not refund the purchase price or shipping charge for any package where the customer has supplied an incorrect shipping address.

Air Plant Care FAQ

Air Plants, or Tillandsia, are epiphytes belonging to the Bromeliad family that rely on their leaves instead of their roots to absorb their nutrients and moisture. This means the plants don't require soil, making them versatile and easy to display indoors and out!

View our Blogs to learn more about these fascinating species!

Air plants require light, air, and water for their survival. The care they need is influenced by both the environmental conditions they are placed in and the specific species of Tillandsia they belong to. In general, xeric varieties (characterized by silver leaves) thrive in drier conditions with ample sunlight, whereas mesic varieties (with greener leaves) prefer increased moisture levels and lower levels of sunlight.

Please follow this link to view instructions from our in-house expert!

Air Plant Care Instructions

The amount of water an air plant requires depends on the species and the environment in which it lives. We recommend a thorough, 20-30 minute soak for most plants every week to ten days to ensure proper hydration. Misting is a great way to supplement hydration between these waterings.

Check out these blogs for more air plant watering care tips!

How to Water Your Air Plants

Air Plant Watering: Misting (Is it Enough?)

Yes! Air plant thrive in bright, indirect light and will do best near a window that offers some shade from a tree or any other barrier that can prevent direct sunlight. Another great option is to keep your plant in an office with indirect sunlight or bright fluorescent lighting. Air plants displayed in dark inner hallways or dim bathrooms will decline in health and eventually die.

More on Air Plant Light Requirements here!

These white, fuzzy, hair-like structures are called Trichomes and are completely normal! Trichomes help them absorb water, and airborne minerals, and help them to regulate their temperature. Trichomes are important since air plants do not grow in soil and have traditional root systems. Trichomes can absorb moisture directly from the air, even without the plant having to get damped by rain, mist, or morning dew.

Some species of Tillandsia will naturally have brown bases or dark-colored 'blushing' colors. If you are concerned about the coloring of your air plant then check out our blog about air plants with brown bases HERE, or reach out to customer service at

As air plants mature, they will go through different color cycles. When a plant reaches maturity and prepares to bloom, the leaves will often transform from green to pink, red, or orange. We call this "blushing". A blushing plant is a sign that a bloom is soon to follow! We typically send our plants pre-bloom so our customers can enjoy this process. If you can't wait to see some colors, click HERE to learn about now to encourage your plant to bloom.

A mature air plant will bloom once in its lifetime. Each plant is different and the blooms can occur quickly or take several years to appear. The blooming cycle of an air plant is also affected by its care and environment. Proper lighting, hydration, and fertilizing will help the plant to go into bloom.

Click here for more blooming tips!

Fertilizing your plants while giving them bright light and abundant water is the best way to encourage blooms and blushing. It is also the best way to promote pups or new plant buds.

Try our Water-Soluble or Ready-to-Use air plant fertilizer each month to get the most out of your Tillandsia!

Although there is no definitive answer to figure out why any one particular air plant died, HERE is a list of topics to review when reflecting on the conditions and care of your beloved tillandsias.

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