hundreds of tillandsia tectorum ecuador air plants on a shelf at the farm

Environmentally Conscious Farming

by Jamie Beck

"Are your Air Plants Farmed, Propagated & Collected in an Environmentally Sustainable Way?"


Many customers have been asking us about the sustainability practices of our air plant business. Considering that Tillandsias are predominantly a genus native to the tropical Americas, the inquiries about sustainability and conscious farming techniques are not unwarranted. In fact, there are some species, namely Xerographica and Harrisii, which were on the brink of extinction a few decades ago. At the time, it was legal to collect these slow growing, but prized plants right from the wild.

Today, exporters of these species must prove to their local agricultural department that the plants were nursery grown. Since the restrictions were passed, nurseryman throughout Latin America and USA have developed ways in which to farm protected species and increase the growth rate so they can be more quickly enjoyed in the home setting.

Here at the Air Plant Shop, we only work with suppliers certified by their respective state or country governments for Tillandsia exportation. This ensures that we are supporting a sustainable and environmentally conscious supply chain.

tillandsia air plants being grown from seed at the farm

Tillandsia Caput-Medusae cultivation by seeds.

tillandsia air plant "mothers" hanging at the farm with pups

Cultivation of Ionantha Guatemala by off-sets (pups). 

Tillandsia capitata peach air plant "mothers"

Newly hung Tillandsia Brachicaulos mother plants.

tillandsia xerographica air plant "mothers"

Tillandsia Xerographica cultivation by off-sets. 

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