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Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering Wholesale

by Jamie Beck
1. Does Air Plant Shop offer Wholesale pricing?
Yes, we offer wholesale pricing for a wide variety of air plants and accessories! Anyone can order from our wholesale page. The only qualification is a minimum quantity per plant variety and accessory – the minimum is normally a quantity of twelve. The more you buy, the further discounted the items will be! Check out our wholesale price breaks and more info here.
Most of our wholesale customers are retailers, market sellers, florists, event planners and air plant enthusiasts, but anyone can buy wholesale as long as you love tillandsia!
2. Is a Business License/Tax ID information required?
No. Since sales tax is only charged to orders shipped to Florida, there is no need to provide us with your Business License or Tax ID information. We will gladly refund sales tax for wholesale orders shipped to the state of Florida. Please include an order note at checkout or email us a reminder at service@airplantshop.com!
3. Do I need to make a wholesale account?
No. Anyone can order from our selection of wholesale products without setting up an account. However, creating an account does allow for a quicker and more seamless checkout.
4. Where are the wholesale listings located on the website?
In the navigation menu at the top of every Air Plant Shop page, hover over the word "Wholesale" to find our complete catalogue of wholesale air plants and accessories.
Click here to shop our entire wholesale air plant collections: Air Plants
Click here to shop our entire wholesale accessory collections: Complete Designs & Display Materials
5. What are Air Plant Shop's wholesale prices?
Our wholesale prices range based on the product and quantity being purchased. The exact prices can be found on the individual wholesale product listings – ALL online, no wholesale catalogue necessary. All orders over $75 ship for free, even wholesale orders!
6. What payment methods are accepted for wholesale orders?
We accept all major credit cards and popular payment options – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, Venmo, Google Pay and Pay with Amazon. Payment is due at checkout. We do not accept checks unless it is a large custom order.
7. Is there a discount for high quantity wholesale orders?
Yes. Automatic discounts are applied to the cart when you buy wholesale items and meet certain thresholds. Mix and match any wholesale items, allowing that you meet the individual products' minimum quantity, to achieve the below savings.
Please note, coupon codes cannot be combined with automatic wholesale discounts as the wholesale price is the most discounted price we can offer.


Automatic Discount







8. What are some wholesale best sellers for retailers?
One of our most popular products for re-sellers who are looking to purchase a collection of air plants for their shop is the Best Seller Pack which features a set of 48 plants – talk about bang for your buck! There are six large species included in this set, including the popular Xerographica in addition to 15 smaller Ionanthas. This assortment of air plants is proven to sell fast and compliment other items you may be selling! Our Wholesale Tillandsia XerographicaWholesale Tillandsia Ionantha Variety Collection and Wholesale Terrarium Sets are also very popular.
9. I am a retailer. How should I price the plants and accessories for my shop?
We recommend using the retail pages on our website to price out your plants as these are representative of current pricing of tillandsia. For many plants, you can double the cost of the plant for retail pricing.
10. Do you offer the same 30 day guarantee for wholesale orders?
Yes. Our one-time 30 day guarantee policy applies for you and your customers! We urge re-sellers of our plants to offer their customers a 30 day guarantee. If one of your customer’s plants die, have them return the plant to you and replace it for them, free of charge. Notify the Air Plant Shop customer service team during your next order and we will add the replacement plant to your order for free. We have found that our air plant guarantee reassures customers and leads to repeat business which is why you should implement it too!
Check out our complete policy: 30 Day Quality & Replacement Guarantee
11. How quickly does Air Plant Shop ship wholesale orders?
We provide the same level of customer service to our re-sellers, including the 30 day guarantee and the same fast shipping methods! Our orders generally arrive to wholesale customers within three to five business days after the order is placed unless it is a particularly large order. We ship via USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise requested.
12. Can my wholesale order be rushed?
Although we often say there are no air plant emergencies, we understand that sometimes you need your tillandsia right away. Before you worry about over-nighting an order, be advised that we use USPS Priority Mail as our main shipping service. This means that most orders will arrive two or three days after they leave our greenhouse. Most orders are shipped the next business day. For peace of mind, FedEx 2-Day is also offered a checkout for a $30 flat rate and is meant for orders of plants only (no hard good materials like terrariums, etc.). These orders are shipped the same day if the order is made by 3 PM ET. Very heavy orders (namely bulk cork bark, wood, and terrariums) are usually sent with UPS Ground so we can maintain free shipping for these items. Please allow up to six business days days to West Coast locations for these types of wholesale orders. In the case of a mixed plant and hard good material order, we will split shipment so that the plants arrive in a timely manner. Check the details on our shipping page.
Hopefully we answered all of your wholesale air plant and accessory questions! If not, please email our friendly customer service team at service@airplantshop.com and we will be happy to assist you!
Want to hear a first-hand experience from our friend and plant influencer, Amanda (aka Botanical Brunette)? Check out our Wholesale Myths blog featuring her video on debunking myths about ordering wholesale.

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