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In Winter of 2018, Air Plant Shop was approached by Apartment Therapy to send individualized air plant gifts to all of their corporate customers, artists and content creators. 

We happily obliged and they were so in love with the gifts that we they featured us on their homepage. Here's what they wrote:

This Is the Gift We’re Giving Everyone This Year

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What do you call a plant that’s low-maintenance, affordable, and available in a stunning array of sculptural shapes and showstopping colors? The perfect gift.

Our houseplant policy is simple—greenery on every available surface, please—and air plants oblige beautifully. These airborne beauties (Tillandsia, technically) thrive in hanging terrariums, atop windowsills, on slabs of driftwood, and most anywhere in between. That plant-of-all-trades quality makes them ideal for holiday presents that folks will actually, you know, want in their homes. (Looking at you, novelty stocking stuffers.) Best yet, you can buy for everyone in one fell swoop at the Air Plant Shop.

From wistful East Coast gardeners to SoCal pals with boho abodes, who doesn’t want a little natural cheer this time of year? Air Plant Shop is an expert in all things air plant, from seed to style: They offer a huge variety of unique species, as well as chic display options like driftwood, terrariums, and hanging pendants. And it’s all shipped easily to anywhere in the U.S. and Puerto Rico… no matter how cold it is at the destination.

In fact, we think this family business is so great that we here at Apartment Therapy are giving these air plants as our company gifts this year! They make bulk and wholesale orders a breeze, and we love knowing that Air Plant Shop seeks out sustainably-sourced plants and environmentally-conscious growers. Plus, $1 of every order goes to their partnership with Pencils of Promise to build schools in Guatemala—they’re already on to their second school.

Gifts that look good and do good? That’s the easiest decision we’ll make all season.

Three beautiful Tillandsia Xerographica air plants adorn this airy living room. Can you spot them all?

Air plants are a great option for small areas where you may not have not previously considered a house plant, like smaller shelves or near media equipment. Air plants, being soil-free, might be the perfect accent that your space needs.

During the summer months (or round the year in warm climates), easily enjoy your air plants outside. Seen below is a striking Tillandsia Straminea. When available, you can find this and other premium air plants on Air Plant Shop's Specialty Page.

If you look closely at the Straminea below you can see a little baby forming near the bottom right side of the plant. That's another great thing about air plants--they easily reproduce by making little "pups" from the base. 

Terrariums also do great outdoors, allowing that they do not get direct sunlight. A stunningly vibrant Red Abdita adorns this globe. A huge Tillandsia Streptophylla sits beside it on a piece of grapewood. 

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