Ready-To-Use Tillandsia Air Plant Fertilizer

ready-to-use tillandsia air plant fertilizer
ready-to-use tillandsia air plant fertilizer
ready-to-use tillandsia air plant fertilizer and tillandsia xerographica air plant
3 ready-to-use air plant fertilizers and tillandsia xerographica air plants
ready-to-use air plant fertilizer demo video

Ready-To-Use Tillandsia Air Plant Fertilizer

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  • Want your air plants to grow faster? Feed your air plants with our air plant food! This low-nitrogen fertilizer has been specially formulated to help your air plants thrive. Use once per month to encourage growth, bloom cycle, and offset production. Comes in an 8oz spray bottle for easy use.

    Instructions: Mist only once per month. Do not use in excess of once per month, or over-fertilization may occur. Air plant food is fertilizer and does not replace regular waterings or proper air plant care. Using more than once a month can cause the plants to suffer nitrogen burn and they will not survive.

    Product Highlights:

    • Ready-To-Use
    • Plastic bottle with fine mist pump
    • Perfect for Ionanthas and smaller air plants
  • Width Height Volume
    2.25 inches  6.5 inches  8 ounces

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