Tillandsia Safari Petén, Guatemala

Tillandsia Safari Petén, Guatemala

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Parque Nacional Laguna del Tigre, Guatemala

Photos from Christian's trip along the Rio San Pedro near Parque Nacional Laguna del Tigre in Northern Guatemala. Here you can see many mesic Tillandsias including Bulbosa, Balbisiana, Juncifolia and Streptophylla.

Tillandsia Streptophylla Air PlantLarge Tillandsia Streptophylla on a branch along the river bank.

Tillandsia Bulbosa Air PlantsTillandsia Bulbosa seemed to be everywhere. This is a mature specimen gently holding to a horizontal branch.

Cluster of Tillandsia Bulbosa Air PlantsWhile walking along the river bank, we noticed a huge clusters of fallen Bulbosa. There had to be at least 30 plants in this family.

Several unidentified Tillandsia species growing on the branches of a fallen tree.

Tillandsia Balbisiana Air PlantsVery large Tillandsia Balbisiana that had recently fallen.

Tillandsia Air Plants living in natureSeveral Tillandsias growing together on a large tree branch. 

Bulbosa Guatemala Air Plant SeedlingsThese Bulbosa seedlings are just starting to get their adult shape.

Tillandsia Balbisiana Air Plants in NatureA mature Balbisiana with many seedlings on nearby branches.

Tillandsia Brachicaulos MultifloraTillandsia Brachicaulos Multiflora showing a beautiful pink blush.

Bulbosa Tillandsia Air Plants in the WildTwo generations of Bulbosa, an old mother plant and its one offset.

An impressive tree bromeliad (not a Tillandsia) high up in the canopy.

Tillandsia Juncifolia Air Plants

A tree at Parque Nacional Tikal, covered with bright red Tillandsia Juncifolia.


  • Ann

    WOW! I’ve had air plants for several years. I’ve always wondered what it looks like when they are attached to a tree or branch when they’re growing. These pictures and explanations answered a lot of my questions.


  • Dory

    So cool! Thanks for sharing. That covered tree is a Wow!

  • Barbara Zellmer

    Enjoyed seeing these fabulous plants in their native environment. Thanks for the photos. Would enjoy seeing more!

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