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Starting A Successful Retail Business with Air Plants

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Here at the Air Plant Shop, we pride ourselves on not only providing quality air plants to retail customers across the country, but also in providing bulk air plants, terrariums, and wood media to florists, farmer’s markets, wedding planners, and other re-sellers of air plants. We provide the same level of customer service to our re-sellers, including the 30 day guarantee and the same expedited shipping method. Our orders generally arrive to wholesale customers within 3-5 days after the order is placed.

Due to their popularity and ease of care, air plants are an easy item to add to well-curated retail settings. We have seen our plants featured in jewelry stores, gift shops, farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and of course florist and botanical shops. Retailers have found that air plants are a simple, natural element that can easily be integrated to a store setting without a lot of fuss about care or mess from dirt. The plants fit nicely on shelves and other displays where stock is displayed.

Our 30 Day Guarantee can work for you and your customers. We urge re-sellers of our plants to offer their customers a 30 day guarantee. If one of your customer’s loses a plant, have them return the plant to you and replace it for them, free of charge. Notify the Air Plant Shop during your next order and we will send along the replacement plant to you for free. We have found that our air plant guarantee reassures customers and leads to repeat business.

One of our most popular products for re-sellers who are looking to purchase a collection of air plants for their shop is the Best Seller Pack which features a set of 48 plants including a mix of 30 medium to large-sized species, 15 Ionantha, and 3 of the popular Xerographica. This assortment of air plants is proven to sell fast and complement other items you may be selling. Use our website as a guide to price out your new plants in the retail setting. 

Learn More About Our Wholesale Program Here!

Our longtime customers at URSA in Milwaukee, WI have had great success in retailing our Best Seller air plant variety pack. Check out their simple yet impressive window display!

URSA retail air plants

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