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Mother's Day 2021: PoP for Mom Giving Event

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Gratitude Results in Giving

At AirPlantShop.com we are grateful for surviving the recent world challenges. We still get to work with beautiful air plants alongside friends and family. It brings about our innate need to contribute to the world around us. Some people give in the form of something seemingly small like being there for a friend in need or something major like contributing financially to a worthwhile cause. We understand the importance of giving back to those in need. Our mother taught us that. 

Inspired to Give by Mom 

The Air Plant Shop family was inspired by our mom, Judy James. As a poor child in the Carolinas, she realized that education was the key to escape her own poverty and so many other hardships that could be avoided with money. After high school, she found the courage to approach a rich mill owner and ask for a loan to go to college. He was impressed with her determination. When it came time to begin payments on her loan, he said instead to "pay it forward and help others in need”. Mom spent the next 30 years in service.  

Judy started the first county-wide school volunteer program in St. Lucie County, Florida. Later, she lobbied the county for a small sales-tax increase, and the funds were used to spear-head the first Children’s Services Council of Florida. It raised millions of dollars annually for underprivileged school children, local orphans, and assisting sick and poor children. These programs changed the life-direction of so many and inspired other Florida counties to follow her lead, thus improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of children.  

Judy James

Our Biggest Commitment Ever to Give Back

Following mom’s example, Air Plant Shop has proudly contributed $1.00 of every purchase to Pencils of Promise since 2016. PoP is a non-profit that gives 100% of contributions to building schools in Laos, Ghana, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Our team and customers have already made a difference by funding the construction of a fully functional school for children in rural Quiche, Guatemala, which is located 10 miles from the nearest road. A second school is being built today. Guatemala has a special place in our hearts because a majority of our air plants are grown and imported from Guatemala.

In honor of our mom, Judy James, and all mothers, Air Plant Shop is pledging $10,000 (at least!) to Pencils of Promise's Teacher Appreciation Fund. ALL proceeds from orders made from May 1st through May 6th will be donated to reach this fundraising goal.

Judy and Jody James

Happy Mother’s Day to All Moms

Commemorate Mother’s Day by purchasing, and maybe gifting, your favorite air plants during May 1st through May 6th and you will be giving back to children in need. You can make a difference by changing their life forever through education.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting endeavor. Happy Mother’s Day! 


Air Plant Shop Team with Pencils of Promise Check

Thank you to everyone who ordered during our Mother's Day gifting of 2021! And a special shoutout to the Air Plant Shop Team, here and in Guatemala, and the dedication of Pencils of Promise to continue to bring education of underserved communities. We were able to surpass our expectations for #teacherappreciationweek, in honor of Our Air Plant Shop mom, Judy. We can't wait to see the impact this donation has on PoP teachers in Guatemala, Ghana and Laos.

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  • Deborah Martin

    So proud of the work you all do to make it a better day for children. Teaching them is the foundation for their future to thrive in this world. I’m sure you all love what you do or you wouldn’t be there. We are all blessed to have you doing such a wonderful life choice to help those less fortunate.
    Thank You 😊 🙏

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