Tillandsia Xerographica - Mini Size: 4 to 5 Inches Wide - The "Princess" of Air Plants [Single Plant]

  • The Daughter of the Queen! Xerographica (zer-o-gra-fi-ka) is endemic to Mexico and produces a spectacular bloom that can be 4 times the plant's height! Everyone loves this curly green and pinkish Tilly. Their popularity almost caused them to go extinct due to collector demand but they are widely available now due to nurserymen. Xerographica makes a great gift or centerpiece for any table. These will arrive at your doorstep 3 to 4 inches tall and 4 to 5 inches wide and will grow three times that size.

    These are our mini size. See our Large Xerographica listing here.

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    Some of our air plant photos are of blooming plants. We will send you budding or blooming tillandsias if they are available but they are limited. Half the fun of Tillys is watching and waiting for them to burst into color! If you can't wait, join our email list to be the first to hear about currently budding and blooming inventory that is available for purchase.

    Tillandsia Xerographica

    Product Highlights:

    • A small version of the popular Xerographica species
    • Very compact shape
    • Tolerates brighter light than many other air plants
  • Width Height
    4-5 Inches Wide 3-4 Inches Tall
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