Tillandsia Funkiana Air Plants [Single Plant]

  • When I find out where the name Funckiana came from I will let you know. It is the perfect name for these little guys as they grow in funky, wavy turns and their pups (baby funkies) are so small and cute you will squeal in delight when you discover them one morning. You won't be able to resist showing your friends. You can discover them in the wild when you visit Venezuela. Funkiana are 3 to 5 inches "long" and 1+ inch wide.

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    The main image may be a blooming plant. We will ship budding or blooming specimens when available but they are very limited. Half the fun is watching and waiting for your new friends to display their colors. Join our email list for updates on our currently blooming inventory.

    Tillandsia Funkiana air plants

    Product Highlights:

    • Very unique shape and form
    • Bright orangle blossom when they bloom
    • Forms into large clumps with time
  • Width Height
    1-2 Inches Wide 3-5 Inches Long
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