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With over 10 years in the business, Air Plant Shop is your source for quality wholesale tillandsias, corporate gifting, air plant drop shipping and more!

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Corporate Gifting Solutions for 50-100,000 Recipients

Gifts for Every Budget

Send a gift for as little as $12.95/recipient. Fully customize your terrarium, holder or design. We have experience working with companies like Spotify, Dropbox, Apartment Therapy and large real estate firms. However, you only need 50 recipients to qualify for our special corporate gift pricing.

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small virgin cork bark with two tillandsia air plants
small virgin cork bark with three tillandsia air plants
Wholesale: Virgin Cork Bark Slabs By the Piece with Tillandsia Air Plants [Min Order 12]
from $2.70
virgin cork bark slab
virgin cork bark slab
Wholesale: Virgin Cork Bark Slabs By the Piece without Tillandsia Air Plants [Min Order 12]
from $0.90
Flat Bottom Hanging Glass Globe Terrarium
two flat bottom hanging glass globe terrariums with black stones and tillandsia ionantha air plants
Wholesale: Flat Bottom Hanging Globe Terrariums [Min Order 12]
Wholesale: Fully Assembled Tillandsia Air Plant Garden in Black Glazed Dish [Min Order 12]
Wholesale: Large Fully Assembled Air Plant Bowl Garden [Min Order 6]

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