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In Spring of 2022 Air Plant Shop happily celebrated its 10 year anniversary. From a small family-owned and operated business to now one of the largest providers of tillandsia air plants in the United States, we are happy for you to meet our team who have made this journey possible.



President | Ft. Pierce, FL

Investor, Big Kahuna and VIP.


CEO | Batavia, IL

I have worked for Air Plant Shop since shortly after its humble beginnings in April of 2012. I started as a part time shipper while attending Flagler College and now manage our crew, different sales channels, website and overseas farming and buying operations.

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Customer Experience | Virgina Beach, VA

My favorite part about living in St Augustine is the weather, Spanish architecture, and visiting fun landmarks like the lighthouse. Outside of work I love riding my bike on the beach and boating with my family. My favorite thing about working at Air Plant Shop is learning about the different species, seeing how our customers use them in their own displays, and how much joy they bring people all over the country.

Favorite Plant: T. 'Sparker' Hybrid


Creative Director | Batavia, IL

Living in St Augustine, I love the weather and beaches (especially being from the midwest)! I also really appreciate the small-town feel and community while still having lots of food options and things to do. I love traveling and cooking with loved ones. I appreciate working for a smaller brand – there’s so much potential and the opportunities seem endless (which is overwhelming and motivating).

Favorite Plant: T. Xerographica


Email Marketing | Astor, FL

I love the architecture the city has to offer – the unique blend of Spanish, English and French styles really come together beautifully. When I’m not spending time with my family, I really enjoy hunting for vintage fashion at thrift stores! My favorite thing about working at Air Plant Shop is the employee-friendly environment, as well as their mission to empower rural Guatemala through education.

Favorite Plant: T. Duratii


Production Lead | Jacksonville, FL

I enjoy the wide variety of restaurants that are perfect for any foodie. It's also so peaceful in St Augustine with nice beaches and lots of sunshine. I enjoy gardening, rock climbing, watching anime, and doodling digital artworks. My favorite thing to do at work is receiving plant shipments. I already collect a wide variety of plants, so it is always exciting to see new plant species, especially when all the plants are so neatly packed in the box. It's so relaxing.

Favorite Plant: T. Flabellata


Production Lead | St Augustine, FL

I enjoy living here since we are surrounded by both natural and colonial-era beauty. When I am not shipping out orders to our wholesale customers, I enjoy grilling, swimming and playing games with my family. My favorite part about this job is getting to select the most beautiful plants on the shelf to send to our customers.

Favorite Plant: Tectorum Ecuador


Website Catalog/SEO | Las Vegas, NV

I enjoy the old city charm of St Augustine. In my free time I like to hike (although true hiking trails are difficult to find in Florida, especially being from out West), go on bike rides with my husband and play pickle ball. I love the opportunity to make people smile with air plants all around the country.

Favorite Plant: Tectorum Ecuador



Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Outside of work I enjoy weekends with my family and going to church. At home also like to grow orchids and roses. My favorite part of working here is feeling the good energy of the plants when they arrive to us from our farm.

Favorite Plant: Ionantha Rubra


Milan, MI

My favorite part of living in St Augustine is going to the beach. I also enjoying hiking and hanging out with my family. We have a really great crew working together at the warehouse–and that is one of my favorite parts of the job.

Favorite Plant: Stricta


St Augustine, FL

I actually don’t live in St Augustine now – my husband and I moved to the country in Palatka in 2019. We enjoy trail riding in our jeep, kayak fishing, biking and hiking. My favorite thing about working for Air Plant Shop is working in the greenhouse with the plants. Everyone is so friendly and helpful!

Favorite Plant: Jumbo Tectorum


Barcelona, PR

I never imagined working with plants, it's a very fun and unique experience! The process that I like the most is choosing the plants for the customer. The team is great and I really love what I do! My favorite plant is Argentea Thin because it is curious and fragile.

Favorite Plant: Argentea Thin



I’m a Midwest transplant, born and raised in Illinois, but when I turned 18, I moved to sunny Florida. St Augustine recently became my home and I’ve been loving it. The blend of nature and history is just something else! When I’m not soaking up the sunshine, you’ll find me hanging with my friends and trying new restaurants. My favorite part of working for APS is is seeing the plants bloom and thrive!

Favorite Plant: Bulbosa Belize


Toledo, Ohio

What I love most about living here is wandering around downtown and taking in the sights of the historic monuments. Outside of work, you'll find me enjoying quality time with my family or indulging in some retail therapy. Working at Air Plant Shop is a delight, especially because I get to witness the beautiful blooms of various plants.

Favorite Plant: Green Stricta

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