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  • "Jody and Scott- I need to thank you for the last order especially. What a wonderful blooming surprise. I really appreciated it, and i'm looking forward to every single future order i will have with you. I'm extremely happy with your plants and your wonderful down to earth service you offer. I made sure to submit reviews tonight on your beautiful shipments, and i probably wont sleep waiting for these! Have a great day guys, and thank you thank you thank you!!!" Anna
  • "Success! Your air plants were a big hit today...I made $205 in 3 hours and the flowering plants you just sent me with my last order to color my table up were all gobbled up pretty quickly. I am very pleased with today's sale and can't thank you enough for the personal attention you gave me along with the quality of your plants. I will be sending another order in by Monday so I have them for next Saturday's market day" : -D Nanette
  • "Thanks Scott for your incredible, healthy air plants. I live in Chicago and always loved to have air plants in my home. I tried many sites but their plants never lasted even a month. Your are not only healthy but thriving in my Chicago home. Some of them are even starting to flower. I bought your plant food and followed your tips in your site and they are all thriving. If you check my past orders you will see I have a lot of them. Right now my favorite is the xerographica , I have 6 of them throughout the house. " Ron
  • "Scott and Jody are more than accommodating. They send you beautiful plants and fast! Scott is super easy to approach with issues and seems to have a wonderful business ethic. I'm so happy with my orders from them, I'm pretty sure i found the only company I'll be buying my air plants from. Very impressed, super sweet people, beautiful plants, fast prompt shipping, wonderfully packed and labeled, I give them 100 stars! :)." Lisa
  • "Thank you so very much for the amazing plants.They were delivered in a beautiful and healthy manner. I could tell much consideration and thoughtful care had been put into these air plants and I will cherish them for all their days. I plan on ordering more plants from you soon." Bonnie J.
  • "Wow! These are the most beautiful specimens I have ever received from any online store. Gorgeous! And even though I got them after Xmas...they were still great gifts! Amazing!" Gregory T.
  • "I want you guys to know that I appreciate so much you being there for me every time I've needed to place an order. It's also been super easy to reach you on the phone during desperate times! " Sarah
  • "I received my plants today and boy oh boy was I surprised! What a wonderful selection and such great quality! Thank you so very much. I am making Christmas gifts for my friends with them! Thank you!" Lisa V.
  • "Wow! The little guys arrived on Saturday and they're wonderful! I've seen air plants before, and I was expecting maybe 5 or 6 really exceptional ones, and at least 3 or 4 withered duds. However, they are all astonishing! Every single one is better than any I've seen! They were a huge hit at work, every single one was named before I left :)Thanks again!" Rachel
  • "I spent all week delivering your plants. I wish you could have seen all of the amazed and happy faces! You were FANTASTIC to work with and I really appreciated it." Amy
  • "I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. I've ordered air plants elsewhere & yours are unmatched for the size, price & quality of the plants you sent. I'd recommend you highly to anyone wishing to purchase air plants." Connie H.
  • "I want you to know by adding these beauties to my home warms my heart. Not only are they packed with care, these plants are healthy and beautiful. I was drawn to your website during the Christmas Holidays. Since then I have made several purchases and will continue. I hope that your company has a successful and Happy New Year. Thanks" Judy
  • "I would like to say that the air plants I purchased just before Christmas are the most wonderful cutest little plants I have ever owned! I had never owned an air plant before purchasing an assortment from you. One of them is even actually flowering! With three purple spikes!" Carol Ann
  • "Scott, Wow that was fast shipping. I got the set of 5 air plants from Mexico already. They look great. Thank you very much." Thomas
  • "I placed an order with you on June 27th and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the plants you sent! I ordered an assortment and each and every one was beautiful and healthy! My sister plans to order from you and I will certainly order from you again in the future. Thanks again." Linda B.
  • "Hey Scott, I just wanted to say thank you for all the air plants. I’m really enjoying them and so is my office. Even people who were on vacation, now feel left out, and are probably going to order more soon. I keep telling people to keep some around the office but they end up taking them home and they just stay there. Haha." Thanks, Tom 
  • "Thank you for my three, beautiful Harrisii air plants! They are exactly what I was looking for and with your care instructions will live a long, happy life here in California!" Erin F.
  • "42 plants shipped from FL and arrived in CA in a few days. Awesome packing job, guys. I appreciate the care you put into their handling. I have some friends and family who are going to be really stoked. I will most definitely be doing business with you again. Thank you!" Vagka D.
  • "I am writing to thank you for the beautiful air plants you sent me. Each one of them is healthy and vibrant and some of them even have pups! I also really appreciate you accommodating my requests for the larger plants. Thank you and Happy Holidays." Jody
  • "Thanks, Scott! This is terrific service on your part and it's very, very much appreciated. Have a wonderful holiday!"Julie