Tillandsia Safari Quiché, Guatemala

Tillandsia Safari Quiché, Guatemala

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Air Plant Safari

Chitapol, Uspantán, Guatemala

While visiting our school in Quiché we came across a valley full of high-elevation, cool-weather tillandsias including Seleriana, Butzii, Juncea, Ionantha Scaposa, Magnusiana and Fasiculata.

The area where these plants were found is a cool, breezy and sparse forest dotted with oaks and pines. When you picture Guatemala, most North Americans will imagine and hot and humid jungle. Of course that is true for the lower elevations! However, many of the the cultivated tillandsia species come from mountainous terrarin such as above, leaving them well-suited for home environments.

Tillandsia Seleriana Air PlantsA big, healthy clump of Tillandsia Seleriana attached to a pine.

Tillandsia Seleriana Air PlantsA Seleriana with an older, faded bloom.

Tillandsia Butzii Air PlantsA nicely speckled Tillandsia Butzii growing exposed on the side of a Pine.

Tillandsia Butzii Air Plant ClumpA large, blooming clump of Tillandsia Butzii.

Native Habitata of Tillandsia Magnusiana Air PlantsA couple species can be seen here if you look closely, including Magnusiana, Juncea and Fasciculata.

Large Tillandsia Magnusiana Air PlantsA close-up up a large Magnusiana. We often have trouble with this species in Florida and now it is clear why: they prefer windy, dry climates. At our greenhouse, we often have problems with rot. 

Tillandsia Seleriana Air Plants on a TreeA couple huge Tillandsia Seleriana. These were at least 14 inches long, perhaps more!

Magnusiana and Seleriana Air PlantsMagnusiana and Seleriana enjoying a similar tree trunk environment.

Tillandsia Fasisculata Air PlantsA pretty, red-blooming Tillandsia Fasciculata with Seleriena.

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