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Our Most Festive Air Plants

by Jamie Beck

You've heard it before...air plants are the most versatile houseplant on the market. So much so that many varieties are suitable for all different events. For this holiday season, we've narrowed it down to five of our most festive air plant varieties to showcase.

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Red Abdita

Tillandsia Red Abdita is our first choice (and a customer favorite) for obvious reasons. The brilliant, long-lasting color is perfectly festive but not in a tacky way. Consider pairing a Red Abdita with a Green Abdita and you have the Christmas-y colors covered. This size and form of plants pair well in a glass terrarium or loaded up in a natural basket. Some customers even make miniature, hand-made Christmas trees!

tillandsia red abdita air plant
tillandsia argentea thin air plant

Argentea Thin

Tillandsia Argentea Thin is a whimsical and bushy tilly. It reminds us of a globe ornament with its needle-like leaves which emanate from the center or a symmetrical star placed on top of a Christmas tree. The colors are a soft aqua blended with green hues. These guys look exceptional in glass terrariums paired with another air plant or as part of a larger display with other air plants.


Tillandsia Juncea is a favorite variety to decorate with because of its unique form, particularly the height! It can be placed in a shallow vase or vintage candlestick so it stands tall. Or lay it in a dish on its side in larger quantities to imitate pine needles. Do you see the resemblance? We've even seen customers place Juncea in nativity scenes as the hay!

tillandsia juncea air plant
\tillandsia funckiana air plant


Tillandsia Funckiana is probably our most winter-y variety because it could easily be mistaken for a Christmas tree branch! However, even though it is prickly like a pine tree, the leaves are a lot softer and less abrasive. Plus, they bloom a vibrant orange! The Funckiana variety cluster rapidly (or buy them already as a large clump) which means they are just asking to be holiday decor!


And finally, the air plant affectionately known as a snowball aka Tillandsia Tectorum. These fuzzy tilly's come in all different sizes for your decorating needs! Make a statement with a Jumbo Tectorum or use a medium Tectorum (as seen in the photo to the right) to compliment other holiday decor.

Looking for a fresh take on a classic snow globe? Pair a Tillandsia Tectorum with our hand-blown glass globe terrarium and even add a festive red ribbon to place on the Christmas tree!

tillandsia tectorum air plant

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