tillandsia ionantha air plants in a bubble bowl terrarium with white sand

Corporate Gifting with Air Plants

by Jamie Beck

Say "Thank You" with Air Plant Gifts

Maintaining a refreshed and memorable business-customer relationship is something that organizations of all sizes strive for to maintain and grow their business. Whether this communication is through email newsletters about your company's latest offerings, hand written "Thank You" notes after the holidays, or perhaps a small gift to spur future orders, these good deeds require time, materials, and someone to execute the process.

In Spring of 2016, Air Plant Shop was approached by Kickeepants, a California-based clothing company that was looking to send a unique gift to everyone of their wholesale customers. Kickeepants asked us if we could ship an individually-wrapped gift right to each of their customers.The gift would arrive during their anniversary month selling the Kickeepants product line in their stores. Kickeepants wanted something unique, classy, and most importantly, memorable. That's where we came in.

We worked closely with Kickeepants to develop their personalized air plant gift. Options included a DIY terrarium, seashell arrangements, or collections of our most popular air plants. After deciding a gifting budget and purpose of the gift, Kickeepant's chose to create a custom globe terrarium--Something that their customer's could hang up, take care of with ease, and most importantly, have as a momento of their continued professional relationship. Once we arranged the proper shipping method, Kickeepants sent us hand-written notes to accompany every terrarium. We took care of the rest.

Within a couple of days, Kickeepants customers all over the country were receiving their new terrariums. They are so far reporting nothing less but raving reviews from their happy wholesale customers!

If you are looking to give a customized air plant gift from your organization, please send us an email to Service@airplantshop.com or give us a call at (904) 429-5716.
 Air Plant Terrarium as A Corporate Thank You Gift

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