Tillandsia Air Plant terrarium centerpieces

Incorporate Air Plants Into Your Next Event

by Jamie Beck
xerographica air plant centerpiece

As we get farther into the year, weddings, backyard gatherings, and low-key dinner parties are starting to make a comeback. Since we’ve been lacking social interaction, a lot of us have expectations of our own to host the get-together of the year! Along with food, music, and good company, the key to a memorable event is in the presentation. Transforming a space into something that is eye-catching and inviting at the same time can be tricky, especially if you don't know where to start…

Lucky for you, air plants are a gorgeous, subtle addition to any event that adds a unique flair to your décor, pulling everything together in natural, effortless beauty!

For example, Aimée Lomeli, expert designer and owner of Aimée Lomeli Floral Designs from California, uses our Tillandsia Xerographica to add a subtle, yet exquisite touch to this spring centerpiece. Lomeli’s West Coast style incorporates the organic colors and texture of the Xerographica with natural wood and fun fabrics that catch the eye – trust her (not us), it won’t be too much for the middle of your table!

How to incorporate air plants into centerpieces:

air plant terrarium centerpiece

One of the many perks of decorating with air plants is that they can virtually blend with any centerpiece you may already have! Glass terrariums, floral bouquets or even a stack of cool books will make your guests take a second look at what you have laid out. Need to find accessories for your air plant centerpieces? Air Plant Shop has a bunch of options so one of our terrarium or container styles is guaranteed to fit perfectly with your events aesthetic!

Starting from scratch? Make your table pop with a variation of air plants. Mix them in with what you can find outside, or just leave them on their own! Simplicity is a beautiful thing, and we tend to overthink what nature has put right in front of us. An array of colors and textures incorporated with the air plants will turn heads at any event you decide to host! Find variety packs of air plants for sale on our website!

How to incorporate air plants into any space:

tillandsia air plant terrarium table centerpieces
Anyone who hosts a soiree knows that the decorations need to be on point because without a little pizzazz, is it even a party? When it comes to sprucing up a space, naturally, we want to impress. Unlike succulents, air plants don’t need the mess with soil or constant watering, making them the perfect candidate to be placed wherever you please! Whether it be a string of lights, a hanging terrarium, or candidly placed among the bottles of wine you intend to share, they will be noticed. Whether your aesthetic is modern and minimalistic or eccentric and colorful, air plants will compliment any space perfectly. Check out our website for deals on hanging glass terrariums and other decors on sale that won’t break your budget for your next party!

cow skull with tillandsia air plants on an arbor
Lomeli combines the unexpected to create something stunning. She uncommonly pairs the skull of a bull with the delicate air plant to make a piece so unconventionally gorgeous it has left people talking. Lomeli’s creation shows that less is more, constructing this boho-chic masterpiece! Her taste emulates the “natural, unexpected, and inspiring”, as stated in her brand slogan, aspects of nature that make her designs so memorable. Check out aimeelomelidesigns.com to see more of Lomeli’s amazing work.

Who doesn’t love party favors? 

What better way to show appreciation for your guests than gifting an air plant? Any way you choose to gift these little guys, your friends and family will love them. Not only are they unique, delicate little plants, but they are also super easy to take care of! Even for those friends of yours that may not have the green thumb. These plants only require a 30-minute water soak once a week and daily indirect light! Monthly fertilizing is always a good idea if you want to keep your plants in tip-top shape! Send your loved ones home with our easy-to-use air plant fertilizer spray and an air plant that they can maintain, and a party they can remember! 


Skipping the event planner and sticking to a budget?

air plant variety pack

Air Plant Shop offers wholesale pricing of plants, accessories and more! You can qualify for  up to 20% savings with our price-breaks… and the best part? Anyone can qualify for wholesale. No need to stress over excess spending on decorations. Save money and order your plant décor through Air Plant Shop!

Planning can be stressful – Air Plant Shop is here to help to make sure that party is as beautiful as it can be. Let us help you decorate for your next gathering today!