Air Plant Centerpieces for Your Next Hosting Party

Air Plant Centerpieces for Your Next Hosting Party

by Christian Chorneyko
Air plants are the perfect décor to use year-round and, hear me out, they are also versatile enough to decorate any table setting in all seasons. Decorative plants do not need to be limited to one season; except maybe seasonal flowers and pine branches which are only allowed in the winter (in my humble opinion). Air plants read simple yet chic and compliment all levels of social gatherings. Plus, they can double as party favors or save them for yourself to boost your plant interiors.

Elevate Drinks and a Cheese Board

A non-traditional centerpiece of air plants pair seamlessly with a casual gathering of drinks and a cheeseboard on your kitchen counter or island. They will elevate your hosting cred because of how effortlessly they come together. All you have to do is pull together the air plants that are around your house and restyle them to create a complimentary arrangement. Below is our ideal example featuring our favorite large Xerographica, Sparkler and a blooming Baileyi air plant we found on our porch. It’s a good idea to use some foundational accessories like a terrarium or vase featuring a flower .setting the table with air plants tablescape centerpiece cheeseboard

Get the look:

Classic Dining Tablescape 

Styling a classic dinner tablescape is more straightforward due to the fact that there isn’t much room to spare for décor because, obviously, the food and dinnerware are top priority. First, set the table with your preferred, necessary items; placemats, napkins, drinkware, flatware, and serving bowls and plates. Second, fill in leftover space with décor. I like to start with candle holders to add some height then add and arrange the air plants and containers. When you start looking around, almost all home items can be vessels for air plants. We repurposed a large wooden bowl we had stashed above our kitchen cabinets. It was very easy to layer the Spanish Moss, Xerographica, Melanocrater and clump of Juncea to add some texture and height. 

Assuming we don’t all have huge dining tables that seat eight plus people, there won’t be a ton of extra space so you may need to simplify. If there is not room for a full blown air plant centerpiece, consider a small terrarium for every place setting. 

tablescape set the table with air plants centerpiece

Get the look:

Air Plant Party Favors

Party favors may seem a little dated but honestly who doesn’t like free stuff, especially air plants. Make your heart happy and guests happy by sending them home with our most popular air plant accessory, the teardrop terrarium, and a variety pack of small air plantsThey can be enjoyed during the party and then each guest can take one home. You can personalize each terrarium with a name tag and have them double as your event's place cards. Each terrarium gift will be a small momento to remember the special day.

setting the table with air plants tablescape centerpiece

Air Plant Table Setting

Now you are ready to stylize and host the perfect gathering with our high quality air plants and accessories. If you’re throwing a larger party, make sure to check out the wholesale section of our website for bulk orders. Let the bubbly flow and enjoy the party!