Jody's Video Series

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Jody's Video Series

Jody's Air Plant Care Video Series

General Care, Aesthetic Maintenance, & Watering

General Care

  • The main requirements are: Light, Water, and Fresh Air
  • Since they absorb nutrients from the water, distilled water is not recommended
  • Direct sunlight can burn the leaves. We recommend bright, indirect light.
  • Air Plants require air circulation, especially after watering.

Trimming & Aesthetics

  • Domestic air plants have no need for roots. They are used in the wild for clinging to trees and cliffs.
  • Unsightly, old leaves can be gently pealed away from the plant's base
  • Brown tips can be trimmed
  • Trichomes are the white substance on the leaves of the air plants which help them to absorb water


  • The best way to water air plants is by weekly water baths of 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on species
  • The best water is rain or well water
  • Air plants can be completely submerged in water
  • Let air plants dry completely before placing them back inside an enclosure or terrarium
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Scott James

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