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Air Plant Spotlight: Tillandsia Ionantha

by Jamie Beck
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Our best-selling and a truly quintessential Tillandsia variety is the Ionantha species. Their popularity has surged to the point where many nurseries are now dedicated to cultivating a wide range and substantial quantities of these air plants. Thanks to their compact size and robust nature, their versatility is unmatched. While resilient, they still require some care including regular misting and soaking. Ionantha varieties thrive in sunlight, so they should be placed in an area with ample light (east or west-facing windows are ideal). 

Ionantha originate in South America, Mexico and Costa Rica. While preferring warmer humid conditions they can also thrive in dry environments with regular watering. These species of air plants have been cross bred numerous times resulting in an impressive variety of plants with distinct features. To the untrained eye, air plants might all look the same, but each variety has its unique charm. With time, you'll start noticing the differences and soon find your favorites! Check out all the Ionantha varieties we offer! ⬇️

Ionantha Guatemala

Ionantha Rubra

Ionantha Scaposa

Ionantha Fuego

Ionantha Mexican

Ionantha Macho

air plant tillandsia ionantha rubraThe Ionantha variety initially grows as a petite plant adorned with green and silver-toned leaves. With growth and maturation, these leaves gracefully fan out, adopting a richer green hue. As the Ionantha enters its blooming phase, the foliage undergoes a captivating transition, showcasing vibrant red or pink tones, setting this variety apart. This transformation continues until the plant produces a distinctive and remarkable flower.

After blooming many Tillandsia will produce pups (or offspring). These pups can be safely removed and added to your house plant collection!

The small compact size and contrasting colors of the Ionantha make them a perfect fit for many plant displays including small terrariums. They make great party favors for any event such as baby showers, weddings and corporate gatherings.  

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