Post Bud - Tillandsia Straminea Thick Leaf Air Plants with Pups

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  • The main mother plant has already bloomed. Their are many pups beginning to grow from the base. The main bloom stalk will arrive cut. Tillandsia Straminea is a vigorous, clumping air plant native to South America. It loves to grow on the tops of tree canopies but will also do great in a bright indoor setting. Tillandsia Straminea is prized for its fragrant, violet blooms. We describe the fragrance as being a warm cinnamon mixed with spring air. Incredibly, all of our plants are currently all about to go into full bloom! The bloom stalks are nearly 3 times the length of the plant! Some of the stems are nearly 2 feet tall! These unique air plants are sure to bring a smile to anyone who loves unique house plants!

  • Product Highlights:

    • South American native
    • Fragrant, violet blooms
    • Very rare in nursery production
  • Width Height
    6-10 Inches Wide Nearly 2 Feet Tall with Bloom Stalk
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