Holiday Globe Set - Super Cute set of Two Cheerful Terrariums

Spread Air Plant Cheer!

Two Holiday Terrariums

Holiday globe set to put you in the Christmas spirit! Two hand blown glass globes with hooks for hanging and flat bottoms for display on any flat surface. A happy little snowman and a tiny gift box under their air plant trees. A wonderful gift to brighten someone's day or home decor to brighten your own day. Hang these from your tree as a unique, living, ornament. Kit includes two glass globes, red and white sand, snowman, miniature gift, red bows, ball stem and two air plants.

The globes measure 5 inches tall and 5 inches wide.

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Product Highlights

  • Spread Holiday Cheer with Living Ornaments
  • Includes festive sand, berry sprigs, minature snowman and air plants
  • The plants can be enjoyed all year long