Large Tillandsia Purpurea Air Plants [Single Plant]

tillandsia purperea air plant
Large Tillandsia Purpurea Air Plants [Single Plant]
purple bloom stalk of a tillandsia purperea air plant
tillandsia purpurea air plant with a 12 inch bloom stalk
tillandsia purpurea air plant
blooms of a tillandsia purpurea air plant being pollinated by bees at the farm
Large Tillandsia Purpurea Air Plants [Single Plant]

Large Tillandsia Purpurea Air Plants [Single Plant]

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  • Tillandsia Purpurea, a Peruvian native, is one of the few air plants that boast fragrant flowers. When in bloom, purpurea sends out tall bloom spikes that become lined with delicate, lavender flowers. Most people relate the fragrance to that of cinnamon. In addition, they are a relatively quick grower that readily produces off-sets of "pups" from the base. In short order, your Purpurea will clump into a beautiful specimen.

    Product Highlights:

    • Native to Peru
    • Fragrant flowers when in bloom
    • Very rare in nursery production
  • Plant Type Width Height
    No Bloom About 8 Inches Tall About 8 Inches Tall
    In Bloom Now
    About 6 Inches Tall About 16 Inches Tall
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