Holiday Gift Wrapped Air Plant Grab Bag of 5 Air Plants on a Bed of Spanish Moss

Spread Air Plant Cheer!

Assorted Air Plants - In a bed of living Spanish Moss

A grab bag of 5 medium to small plants, a mix of varieties complete with a strand of living Spanish Moss. Perfect for craft projects, smaller terrariums, or just a nice batch of sized plants to keep the larger plants company.

Plants will range in size from 2-7 inches tall.

Some of our air plant photos are of blooming plants. We will send you budding or blooming tillandsias if they are available but they are limited. Half the fun of Tillys is watching and waiting for them to burst into color! If you can't wait, join our email list to be the first to hear about currently budding and blooming inventory that is available for purchase.

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Product Highlights

  • Air plants can be enjoyed for months to come!
  • Place them in containers or terrariums
  • Gorgeous blooms