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Christmas Tree Care Instructions

Thank you so much for ordering our handmade Christmas Trees! For every tree sold, Air Plant Shop will donate an extra $3 to support our primary schools in Guatemala. Once you finish admiring its beauty it is time to water the tree. Follow the instructions below.

How do I water my air plant tree?

The best way to water your tree is to place it in a sink. Thoroughly wet the leaves with water using the faucet or sprayer if you have one. Let the tree drip-dry for 30-60 minutes and place it out for display. Water your tree this way once a week. If it appears dry between waterings, consider spray misting the leaves every 3-5 days.

Where should I put my tree?

Our Christmas Trees are made of living Tillandsia air plants. When deciding its placement, consider cold drafts, furnace vents, radiators and fireplaces (if they are in use). The air plants are sensitive to drying out if they are too close to heat sources. Lighting is important. Provide bright natural light if possible for at least 5 hours a day. If you have found that magic spot in your home for your other air plants, the air plant holiday tree should do well there!

My air plant tree appears a little squished, help!

We did several experiments to make sure your tree arrived as beautiful as possible. If your tree appears a little squished, water thoroughly in the sink following the first care instruction above. Within a day your air plant tree will take on a more symmetric form.

A plant looks dead, what should I do?

Sometimes a plant just doesn’t make it! If it appears broken or severely damaged, gently remove it and discard. Send us an email to service@airplantshop.com and we can send you a new plant to replace the missing one. We will replace dead plants one time up to 30 days from the tree’s arrival.

What can I do with the tree after the holidays?

The intent of the trees is that they will live well beyond the holidays if the proper care routine is followed. For the most part, the trees can be successfully disassembled, and you may use the plants for another project. Plants are attached with a combination of wire and air plant-safe glue.

How are you displaying your tree? Send us your photos at the link below!


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