[Video] Air Plants: Explained By a 6-Year-Old

[Video] Air Plants: Explained By a 6-Year-Old

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  • Bobby Myers

    Awesome, video! Very well explained, you’re very knowledgeable. Thank you, for the information and the smile.

  • Kathy Duffy

    I want to sell air plants at my shops in Oklahoma.
    So I’ve been looking on line.
    Your site is very informative.
    The little girl telling about how to care for air plants
    Was adorable and explained how to take care of the plants very well

  • Shanna

    Omg! Is she the cutest thing or what?! Wow, that was the absolute best informative video I think I’ve ever watched. Like ever! Really. If u didn’t already 💜 air plants, this video will seal the deal for sure. Good job little one, thank u.

  • Yvonne

    How Adorable!! She did a FANTASTIC video on caring for Air Plants!! YAY & Great Job Kiddo!! ❤👍

  • Christy

    This darling & cute girl gives very helpful information in a fun to watch video.

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